Andros Fenollosa andros
  • Valencia, Spain
  • Software engineer (I work in a company developing maritime technologies), writer (a couple of books and more), organizer in Python Valencia, blogger, occasional podcaster, crazy about functional programming, author in various Opensource projects

  • Joined on 2024-05-18
Merge multiple feeds (RSS/Atom/JSON) into a single RSS feed.
Updated 2024-07-08 11:21:32 +02:00
PyConES17: Vigilante de Wallapop. Workshop where a simple application to monitor prices in Wallapop with Flask
Updated 2024-07-07 16:22:55 +02:00
Example of CRUD with Flask to manage a contact list.
Updated 2024-07-07 16:17:01 +02:00
Ejemplo de como realizar un API Rest sencillo con Flask
Updated 2024-07-07 16:12:43 +02:00
Immutable NoSQL database in a plain file
Updated 2024-07-06 17:46:24 +02:00
Example of CRUD in Django with REST FRAMEWORK
Updated 2024-07-06 17:39:24 +02:00
Ejemplo de Chat en Django con Websockets (Channels), asincrono, salas e integrado con el panel Admin.
Updated 2024-07-06 17:35:40 +02:00
Updated 2024-07-06 17:33:11 +02:00
Django multipage template for html over the wire
Updated 2024-06-14 23:31:20 +02:00
Demonstration of how to build a real time application using HTML over WebSockets in Django
Updated 2024-06-14 23:25:59 +02:00
Updated 2024-05-24 18:46:09 +02:00
The best way to maintain a healthy battery is having it, aproximadamante, between 85% and 45%. This plugin will alert you whenever you leave these values. With a notification and a red circle. And it will show the percentage of battery.
Updated 2024-05-24 18:44:44 +02:00
Sencilla API para obtener información de los códigos postales de España.
Updated 2024-05-24 18:28:58 +02:00
Simple API for DuckDuckGo that performs searches by scraping.
Updated 2024-05-20 16:32:34 +02:00
Alerts you if your battery is overcharged or discharged to extend its performance and health.
Updated 2024-05-20 14:18:21 +02:00